Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sparkling Clean Hot Tub - and NO chemicals added!

Just out from a lovely dip in the hot tub. With the nice weather this week I decided to change the water and clean it. Last time I changed the water? Hate to admit it ... AUGUST! I usually try to change the water every 3-4 months but it just didn't need it. Why, you ask? What's different?

GERANIUM - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Since I purchased the hot tub in 2006, I've used Baqua Spa Chemicals to balance the water and keep it sanitary. Then, in October 2009 I read about using Geranium Essential Oil in your hot tub. All I have used since October is about 6 drops of geranium once a week.

I was shocked as I emptied it - after 6 months of use. Typically when I empty the water from the pipes and pump it comes out milky colored and well ... just gross. This time? The water from the pumps was crystal clear - no kidding! I also found the nooks and crannies that I usually have to scrub were just not that dirty at all.

After refilling the tub, I put 20 drops of Geranium oil in and voila! All done. I'm excited at not only the financial savings, but the thought of no chemicals on my skin.

Do you own a hot tub? A few months using Geranium Essential Oil and you'll be a believer, too! Just let me know if you'd like more information. Wanna come over for dip? :)

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